the laurentia project


Laurentia brings together creative minds in food, design, art, science, writing, and policy, focused on dialogue that needs to happen now.  To simultaneously talk and make; on critical topics toward actionable progress. Laurentia is workshopping re-made.



Our services seek to reconnect creative individuals, project teams and design firms to their practice and all organizations to the values that move them. The services below outline four scales at which we operate. We believe that collaboration is not a blurring of compromised ideas, but instead a robust constellation of single points of light. 

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We See You

At several points in a person's career inertia can lead to stagnation. We work with individuals to move past “going with the flow” and instead actively design a worklife to be passionate about. 

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Discourse Dinners

The intimate dinner creates a surprising setting that's different from anything in the workplace. We bring together good food in beautiful settings. We chop, mix, knead, and uncover surprising new connections on the topics that matter most.


Bringing Sustainability to Practice

We do this by operating in two directions: from the bottom up and from the top down. This emergent process across hierarchies is critical to success. We work in a transparent, open manner to transform tools, workflow, and dialect to shift a practice from the conventional to the sustainable.

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Integrated Design Workshops

The charrette is dead. This outdated term refers to speed, pressure, and competition, none of which are conducive to thoughtful design. Our design workshops are inclusive, deliberately paced, rigorous, and productive. They will transform not only the way a team meets around design. They will transform the way you think about meetings.

Please email or for more information on any of our services. Just include a few words about your interest and we will follow up right away to explore.