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Laurentia brings together creative minds in food, design, art, science, writing, and policy, focused on dialogue that needs to happen now.  To simultaneously talk and make; on critical topics toward actionable progress. Laurentia is workshopping re-made.

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This fall, we ask you to stop and observe the humble milkweed plant. A native species often seen along roadsides and hedgerows - it may be a weed - but it holds abundant soft threads of interior light. It sustains what is poetic and necessary in the Berkshires as a food source for both agricultural pollinators and monarch butterflies before their long migration. Milkweed in turn produces its own wings: in November, its seedpods burst with hundreds of silky parachutes that deploy with the late fall breezes. This ubiquitous pod has many purposes, and exemplifies brilliant craft.

FESTIVE is a celebration of what is simple and good and a recognition that beauty with utility are the foundations of a content and limitless life. The Laurentian team involvement seeks to redefine consumption - "to make complete" - beyond the exchange of material goods, to include experiences, new friendships and lasting community.

Partnering with Greylock WORKS, the Laurentia Project is designing much of the event materials, including a community supper on the eve of FESTIVE and programming the vendor engagement workshop schedule. Set in an expansive, light-filled mill, the festival marketplace offers music performances, food crafters, local farmers, and the region’s best artisans and textile curators. Visit for more info, or join us at 508 State Rd, North Adams, MA 01247 on Nov. 18!