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Laurentia brings together creative minds in food, design, art, science, writing, and policy, focused on dialogue that needs to happen now.  To simultaneously talk and make; on critical topics toward actionable progress. Laurentia is workshopping re-made.

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Solastalgia + Soliphilia: The Feast Before the Fest

A new language for home is emerging. Philosopher Glenn Albrecht defines the sense of loss we feel as the land around us shifts and morphs as Solastalgia. He defines Soliphilia as “the love of and responsibility for a place, bioregion, planet and the unity of interrelated interests within it.” Anthropologist Paul Manson broadens Soliphilia to include positivity, interconnectedness and personal empowerment. 

On the evening before the Tiny House Fest we would like to invite you to a unique and playful communal meal. We will feast, drink and collectively talk on the important topic of creating sustainable homes and equitable space in the age of climate-led land transformations. 

Join us as we co-make dinner, explore good design for all, and share how we have each discovered a larger life by letting go! 


Earlier Event: November 18